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Smooth Polished In-Situ Terrazzo

In-situ coloured screed system - for internal floors


We are able to offer our specially formulated, polished mixtures in numerous exciting colours, for application to fabricate beautiful seamless and hard wearing floors.  Our new polished “Screedcrete” mix designs are cement based mixes and are offered in a diverse colour range, encompassing 24 colours. The thickness of application ranges from a minimum 15mm up to 30mm in thickness.

For an environmentally friendly floor, a percentage of recycled glass or pozzolanic cement extenders can be incorporated, to achieve as much as a 60% recycled content!

Different colours can be used within the dividing aluminium or brass strips to create borders or corporate logos.

For eco-friendly floors, recycled glass can be incorporated in the screedcrete mix. Recycled glass not only polishes to a beautiful finish, but also ensures a durable and stain resistant floor, due to the dense properties of glass.

For further detailed application and procedure advice or brochures, please contact Martin or Robert at our factory on +27 11 663 2000.

Polished concrete qualifies for credits under the leadership of the energy and environmental design (LEED) international green building standard. Terrazzo is considered a highly sustainable material and boasts an environmental profile rating of ‘A’ in the UK green guide to specification compiled by BRE (building research organisation), the world’s leading research organisation for sustainability across the built environment.

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