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Classic Polished

Classic Polished

“Full Bodied Tiles – for internal floors or walls – Ideal for high foot traffic areas!”

The Classic Polished range is suitable for high foot traffic areas such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, universities, schools and pool surrounds and is supplied factory sealed. It is to be bonded with the more affordable slow set 18 hour tile adhesive.
A unique feature of the Classic Polished tile is that joints and tiles can  as an option  “be smooth ground” at an additional cost after laying to achieve a “Grooveless Floor” finish, allowing supermarket trolleys or suitcases with wheels, ease of movement across the floor, ensuring an ideal floor for shopping centres, airports, train stations and hospitals. A matching UFT Tile grout with UFT Bonding Liquid should be used.  Contact us for more technical information in this regard.

Two coats of UFT Concrete and Stone Sealer is recommended after installation. In high traffic areas such as a shopping malls, airports, hotels etc, a top coat of SQT Dresser, a sacrificial and buffable polymer sealer, is to be applied, for optimum shine and ease of ongoing general  maintenance and protection of the sealer coats beneath.


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