Terms & Conditions

General Conditions of Sale

“The Trading Company”            The company reflected on the face hereof as the Trading Company;

“The Managing Company”         UNION TILES (Pty) Ltd

  1. Installation of the goods purchased implies acceptance of their condition.
  2. Purchaser shall ensure that colour, shades, size and quality are acceptable before affixing the tiles or cutting the slabs.   UNION TILES shall not entertain any claims whatsoever for tiles/slabs which have already been affixed/cut.
  1. No claims will be considered on 2nd grade goods purchased or goods purchased as “specials” or at a Clearance Sale. Such goods shall be deemed to have been purchased voetstoots.

Specially Ordered Goods

  1. Specially Ordered Goods will not be accepted back for credit or a cash refund including goods sold voetstoots.
  2. UNION TILES shall at its sole discretion be entitled to take possession of any goods which have been returned for credit, in which event the purchaser shall be entitled to a credit in respect of the goods so returned at the price at which they were sold or the value thereof as determined by us, and subject to 10% or such handling fees as may be applicable.
  3. We reserve the right not to accept goods returned for credit. Goods returned for credit must be returned within 30 days of purchase and accompanied with the original invoice. unless they are accompanied by the original purchase slip, cashier signed & stamped.
  4. No credit will be allowed on goods made or ordered specially to purchasers requirements. These include but are not limited to, non-stock items and Random Polished Slabs once they have been cut.

Transportation of Goods Purchased

  1. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused if required to load or offload on private property.
  2. Cartage is chargeable on all deliveries we are required to undertake from time to time at purchasers request.
  3. Orders are accepted by UNION TILES subject to stock availability and we accept no liability in respect of any delays in delivery of the goods ordered. We reserve the right to deliver goods in two or more installments and further reserve the right to withhold supplies in the event of any breach of any of these terms and conditions for any reason which we consider warrants such actions.
  4. Delivery shall be completed when the goods are off-loaded at its destination by UNION TILES or when the goods are loaded by the purchaser, alternatively a courier engaged to transport the goods to and/or on behalf of the purchaser.
    • Notwithstanding the aforesaid of any term in this agreement, delivery shall be deemed completed against signature of UNION TILES’S delivery note by the purchaser or any representative of the purchaser.
    • In the event that a courier is engaged on behalf of the purchaser, it is accepted and agreed that the courier acted as agent for the purchaser.
    • UNION TILES shall not be liable under any circumstances for any complaint or claim for any alleged shortage in delivery or defect in the goods unless written notice is received by us within 48 hours after delivery of the goods to the purchaser.

Ownership and Risk

All goods supplied by UNION TILES to the purchaser shall remain the property of UNION TILES until the purchase price in respect thereof has been paid in full, but the purchaser shall have the right to dispose thereof in the ordinary course of normal business, in which event it is hereby expressly agreed in advance that the claim to any right of the recovery of the purchase price from the eventual purchaser of the goods, shall be ceded to UNION TILES as security for payment of any amount outstanding.

  1. The risk in the goods shall pass to the purchaser on delivery of the goods notwithstanding that ownership will not pass to the purchaser until full payment of the purchase price.


  1. Customers having a credit facility with UNION TILES are to make payment within 30 (thirty) days of date of statement unless otherwise agreed in writing. Such payments shall constitute payment to UNION TILES.
  2. The price of goods sold to the purchaser is strictly net and not subject to any discounts unless otherwise agreed to in writing. In the event that a discount is agreed to in writing it shall only be allowed if payment is received by UNION TILES strictly by the due date and shall only apply to the actual price of the goods themselves and not to any value added tax, transport costs, insurance storage charges or other duties or taxes.
  3. All payments are to be made without deduction of any kind and will be free of exchange, bank costs and other charges and will be paid at the address reflected on the face hereof, or such other address as UNION TILES may elect from time to time in writing.
  4. The purchaser will be responsible for all Attorney’s fees together with collection charges, should legal action be required in order to recover any monies due.
  5. If at any time payment is not made on due date, or if the purchaser’s credit limit with UNION TILES has been exceeded then, without prejudice to any other legal remedy which we may have in law, UNION TILES may:

17.1  Charge interest on the amount due at the bank prime rate, which shall mean the prime overdraft rate charged by our bankers to members of the private sector on unsecured overdraft    facilities;

17.2  and/or without prior notice, defer further deliveries or performance in terms of this agreement until payment is made;

17.3  and/or upon written notice forthwith cancel the remainder of the agreement and recover from the purchaser all the monies then due or owing by the purchaser for goods already delivered and payment for such damages as UNION TILES may have sustained.

Natural Stone Products

  • Use of a mild neutral detergent (S.Q.T. Natural Stone Detergent) followed by a clean water rinse may be necessary in excessively dirty areas.
  • Do not use scouring powder or abrasive cleaning materials, acidic or alkaline detergents or corrosive liquids.
  • Buffing the surface with a soft dry cloth will remove traces left by drying water.
  • Please consult us for detailed information on methods of removing stubborn stains, as well as on the application of surface sealers.

 UNION Terrazzo Tiles

  • Cement and Terrazzo floor tiles should always be stored indoors or undercover. If stored outdoors, crazing may result.
  • Please consult us for information on factory pre-sealing of Terrazzo tiles, which is available at a nominal fee per square meter.

 All Types of Tiling, including Ceramic and Porcelain Tiling

  • Tile thickness variations are inherent in Terrazzo Tiles and is corrected by laying in a screed bed. The screed bed must consist of Ceramic Tile Adhesive.
  • Slight variations in size of Terrazzo Tiles is corrected by laying the tiles with a 4-10mm joint and grouting later.
  • Do not use Hydrochloric Acid based cleaning chemicals (Spirits of Salts) to clean Terrazzo or Natural Stone Tiles as this is too harsh and corrosive.
  • Use only Ceramic Tile Adhesive for Terrazzo Tiles.
  • NO Porcelain Adhesives to be used for Terra-Stone or Terrazzo Tiles.
  • Ensure shades and calibrations are the same and acceptable prior to laying.
  • Allow suitable expansion joints between the tiles.
  • Provide for structural movement joints in larger areas.
  • Use the correct adhesive for the tile type and the application area.

For more Information and detailed Terms and Conditions, please contact our Head Office.